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Dec 30 2013

“Is Mr. Heisinger’s class hard?”

It’s winter break, and I’m sitting at my old home in the northern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, reflecting on my first 4 months of teaching. Recently, my homework completion rate—which miraculously rose to 80-90% at the beginning of October—has gone back down to about 25-30%, and I’ve found myself making excuses for why I can’t…

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Oct 04 2013

“Nah Mister. I don’t do homework.”

In my first month on the job, I’ve already heard all kinds of stories about the disaster zone that was Barringer High School in years prior.  With horror stories from students pulling fire alarms multiple times each week to riots in the parking lot to students organizing fistfights against staff members, the Barringer of yesteryear––to say…

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